Question 1.What is meant by the word (BIS) in accordance with Article (8) of the Convention and what types and conditions?  
  First, the types of adjustments intended adjustments due elements add to the value, which was not included in the price actually paid or payable. 1. In accordance with Article (8) of the Convention, the settlement is divided into optional adjustments: - the adjustments contained in paragraph 8/2 and are intended to adjustments that have the States are free to the text in the legislation to add, or to exclude some of the elements, to the customs value (a freight - Insurance -altfrig - handling) and in accordance with Egyptian law Article (22), the value must be recognized by the value for customs purposes is the value of any DEQ must include freight, insurance, unloading  
   Question 2.What Is the purchase commission can be added to the price actually paid?  
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