Customs Clearance Services

The TwoBrothers company customs clearance on the truck whatsoever kind or quantity in all airports and Egyptian ports Our experience Long field of customs clearance and Egyptian customs and others enable us to control and access your goods to you in a timely manner and always we adapt to changes modifying our system to fit with custom changes complex . Given a grace period for the client to work the rest of the papers and documentary credit and arrangements for him and we are processing documents, such as a certificate of origin any certificate-related goods and customs documents in order to avoid any obstacles or delay the implementation of measures Customs or the occurrence of any fines Malle at any time. We carry out any special procedures Bai conventions related to the goods and we guarantee the rights and interests of the customer scans the quantities and quality and analysis of the product carefully regarding customs requirements.

Mediation in the maritime shipping

We a We the role of mediator to provide a service ocean shipping to and from all ports of the world quality FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) and planning for this operation and provide consultancy in this type of shipping, including effectiveness. Terms Alabie- choice Steamship Lines - the unification of the options, which fits with the containers and cargo specifications. The time factor of the most important factors upon which the success of any business process therefore is shipping through regular flights as well as specific courses in order to deliver the goods at the specified day and appreciate the duration of the trip for the arrival of the shipment on time. Also mediate in the specialized services of the oceans by measuring the size of trucks Fmlaana need experts from logistics service providers to coordinate their own shipping. We track your shipment from the shipping port to the discharge port and ensure that they arrive safely....

Mediation in the service of air freight

We accept all challenges that could face the speed and confidence requirements of the job by the role of mediator to ship goods to and from all airports in the world (service Alhdz- service Altamin- better prospecting and follow-up air services) and we work Consulting special with this type of shipping, we have the most efficient staff who help you in Shipping merchandise in the shortest time.

Mediation packaging

We can do the best encapsulates your goods and raw materials at competitive prices and packaging and container stuffing. Consulting customs. We are doing technical consultancy in customs clearance and all shipping operations and consulting import.

Mediation in the service of land transport

Guarantee the transfer of the goods safely and delivered to anywhere and door delivery, whatever the merchandise exits, or load a full guarantee you reach your goods in excellent condition and in a timely manner and safely and follow us stir your goods safely step by step we can transport your goods to and from any port in Egypt (Port of Alexandria Port Aldkhalh- port of Port Said East Port, Port Said eye port Alschenh- Port channel Suez, Damietta Port) and we will move all sizes and weights and whatever the type of merchandise we are using the latest devices that help in transporting and lifting merchandise way faster and we equip private cars depending on the size and type of goods and weight.

Transport of goods to warehouses

We will move the goods to the storage areas and can easily be stored for you too.

Goods store

We can store the goods inside the warehouse.

Securing cargo

Customs clearance abroad

Coordination with agents abroad

Service door to door Internatioanl

Follow up internal movement within the customs

Facilitate customs paperwork path inside the customs


Egyptian Government Portal


World Customs Organization

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